Interior Design

Leach Decorating Center can help you design window treatments and flooring that will complete the look of your home!

Our team will come and measure your windows from top to bottom to ensure the perfect fit! We have expertise in shutters, blinds, traditional draperies, curtains, and everything in between. Visit the window treatments section for more details.

We can update the flooring in your home as well. Whether your want new carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile or any other product, Leach Decorating Center has it all. Our team will do a custom consultation to get you precise measurements and product recommendations! Visit the floor covering section for more information.

Design Your Bathroom

Leach Decorating Center can also create a new look in your bathroom. We know design can be a headache, but we’ll make the process an enjoyable experience!

Customize Your Shower

We are your local wedi dealer! Like Leach Decorating Center, wedi is a family-owned business. They specialize in waterproof and directly tileable building panels, customizable shower systems and many more modular design systems made for tile and stone finishes.

Their products are top-of-the-line choices for new construction or renovation.

Design Shower at Leach Decorating Center in Jackson, Minnesota

Whatever your style, Leach Decorating Center is here to assist you from start to finish in customizing your dream shower!

Cozy Up with In-Floor Heating

Tired of stepping barefoot onto cool tile flooring in your bathroom? We can help! Leach Decorating Center is you local Schluter Systems dealer. They are the experts when it comes to in-floor heating that will add a touch of luxury, taking your flooring experience to a whole new level. 

Schluter Systems’ tile is available in endless designs, colors, and sizes. It offers easy maintenance and is practically indestructible if installed properly. Leach Decorating Center can guide your through the process of upgrading your flooring!

Wedi Products at Leach Decorating Center in Jackson, Minnesota
Schluter Systems Products at Leach Decorating Center in Jackson, Minnesota

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